Listening to this podcast makes me feel loved. I can’t help but smile and feel inspired to go create the life of my dreams."


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How to Feel Good All the Time & Be a Match for Abundance – A Sneak Peek of My Retreat!

Is it really possible to feel good all the time? Cathy shares a couple juicy pieces from her retreat about why we’re designed to have a fully joyful and fun life, how to be a vibrational match for abundance, how to recognize resistance as an opportunity for expansion, and how you can turn your dream […]

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How to Reach Financial Abundance + Ryan Levesque on How a Quiz Can Build a Multimillion Dollar Business

How can quizzes grow your business and your relationship with your audience? In this episode, Cathy first shares a coaching call with Katrina, who is living her dream life around the world, but feels like she still hasn’t reached the financial abundance she desires. Then you’ll hear Cathy’s conversation with Ryan Levesque, CEO & creator […]

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How a Podcast Can Scale Your Business – Allie Casazza & Julie Solomon

How can you grow your business with a podcast? Allie Casazza and Julie Solomon, podcasters and super online entrepreneurs both grew up with limiting beliefs about wealth and money. But they put in the work to rewrite those narratives, started putting out offers, and then created podcasts that took their business to 7 figures and […]

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How to Build a Coaching Business & Get Your Clients the Result They Want – Kelsey Murphy

What does it take to become a business & life coach? Kelsey Murphy, business, career and life coach, speaker, writer, and B-School mentor wanted to help people get a transformation – but also run a business that wouldn’t lead to burnout. She shares how to get your first clients, how to set your prices, how […]

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Sprinkles Cupcakes Founder Candace Nelson on Raising Your Prices, Building a Brand Identity & Taking the Leap

When you don’t feel “ready,” how do you take the next step forward? Candace Nelson, cofounder of Sprinkles Cupcakes, Pizzana, executive producer & judge on Netflix’s Sugar Rush, and podcast host had checked off all the boxes, only to realize that still didn’t guarantee job security or happiness. So she leaned into her love for […]

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How to Start A Podcast & Monetize It into a 7 Figure Business

How do you create a podcast that can grow your business? Making the show is only 20% of the work, but 80% is what you do with the content. Cathy shares how she started this podcast that now has 20 million downloads, how to get your audience involved and invested in your podcast, how to […]

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How to Make a Million Dollar Business from Selling Products Online – Alison Prince

How do you make a multi-million dollar business from selling products online? Alison Prince, serial online entrepreneur, podcaster, and coach returns to the podcast to share more best practices to grow your income through your online store. She shares how to add value by creating an experience with a product, why you don’t want to […]

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How to Create a Successful Facebook Ad & Grow Your Business – Rick Mulready

How can your online ads serve your audience and scale your business? Rick Mulready, online business coach, ads expert, lifestyle entrepreneur, and podcaster found his calling by helping other digital entrepreneurs grow their revenue and avoid burnout. He teaches you how to get clear on your target customer, how to create Facebook ads that will […]

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Pat Flynn Teaches You How to Grow Your Superfans, Choose Your Path & Create Content that Clicks

Don’t Keep Your Day Job · Pat Flynn Teaches You How to Grow Your Superfans, Choose Your Path & Create Content that Clicks How do you find and serve the humans who can become your superfans? Pat Flynn, serial online entrepreneur, podcaster and author never got a business degree, but has built several 7 figure […]

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The 4 Seasons of Business – How to Gain Visibility, Build Engagement, Generate Leads & Make a Sale

Don’t Keep Your Day Job · The 4 Seasons of Business – How to Gain Visibility, Build Engagement, Generate Leads & Make a Sale How can the 4 seasons of business scale your impact? Cathy teaches you how you can become more visible to the people you want to serve, engage with them authentically, get […]

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Jill Stanton on Launching & Empowering Your Audience in Pop Up Groups + Our Podcast Turns 4 Years Old!

Don’t Keep Your Day Job · Jill Stanton + 4th birthday How can you help your audience take action and get results? Jill Stanton, cofounder of Screw the Nine to Five returns to the podcast to share her advice on how to use pop up groups to lead to a higher ticket offer, empower your […]

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How to Monetize Your Passion Project & Own Your Superpower

Don’t Keep Your Day Job · How to Monetize Your Passion Project & Own Your Superpower How can you monetize your content and stop falling into your limiting beliefs? Cathy shares 2 coaching calls with Julie and Andrea, who feel limited with their current business ideas. She shines a light on what possibilities are ahead, […]

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