Pat Flynn Teaches You How to Grow Your Superfans, Choose Your Path & Create Content that Clicks


How do you find and serve the humans who can become your superfans? Pat Flynn, serial online entrepreneur, podcaster and author never got a business degree, but has built several 7 figure businesses by showing up and solving a need. He shares how to find out if your idea will fly, how to attract your 1000 true fans, what makes people want your content, and how to make business a person to person interaction.

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1. Your failures are moments of learning.
2. You don’t need a million followers, subscribers, or a blockbuster hit. You just need 1000 true fans.
3. Learn the lyrics that your audience will respond to and resonate with so they say, “You get me. This must be where I need to stay.”
4. Business isn’t about B2B or B2C. It’s the P2P – person to person, human to human interaction. We’re more likely to do business with someone because we care about them, not the product.
5. Break down your goal into little steps. At every step check in with yourself and ask, “Does this feel like a green light or red light?”
6. It’s your obligation to cure someone else’s struggle. If you keep it to yourself because you’re scared – then that’s being selfish. There are people out there who you can help.
7. We don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Now is the time to show up and share your message. Live a life of “Oh well” instead of “What if.”
8. It’s human nature to say this or that. But why not both?
9. You don’t need to know your calling. You will find that out over time.


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