How to Tune into Your Abundance & Meet the Mystical Every Day


How do you tap into the endless abundance that flows through you? Cathy shares a coaching call about how to get out of the fog of your old programming, come home to your essential self, do the real work to signal to yourself that you are safe to be abundant, and meet the mystical every day so you can show up for your destiny.

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1. When we’re in a vibration of coherence and wholeness, we wind up in synchronicity and meeting the mystical. The world works in our favor. Fortune does favor the brave and the wise.
2. Our capacity to love, to have an inspired thought, to solve a problem by seeing something bigger than someone else comes from tuning in and tapping into this greater endless abundance that flows through us and to us, period.
3. In order to cross the ocean, we have to have the love and compassion for ourselves  to tune in and to tolerate the discomfort. We are bigger than it. We can hold it.
4. If you continue to build a muscle, to tell yourself it is safe to be abundant and authentic, you’ll start to have a very different life.
5. When you’re just consciousness, just you, just your soul – things come out of the blue. You can experience all the divine blessings that have been waiting for you to set down the past and turn on a new radio.
6. Take 90 seconds every day to choose your thoughts, choose how you want to feel, ask what would ease feel like, what would abundance feel like. Close your eyes and feel it in your body. What would it feel like to walk as the mystic today? That will change your life.
7. Play a game with the universe. Call out the creator of this world and say, “If I start to move my vibration and feel safe receiving, will you send the mystical? Will you send the miracles? Will you allow them to be revealed because they were always hidden in plain sight?” Try it and see what happens. What you seek will seek you back.
8. If you open your heart the eye of a needle, you open up so much to the possibility.

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