How to Build a Coaching Business & Get Your Clients the Result They Want – Kelsey Murphy


What does it take to become a business & life coach? Kelsey Murphy, business, career and life coach, speaker, writer, and B-School mentor wanted to help people get a transformation – but also run a business that wouldn’t lead to burnout. She shares how to get your first clients, how to set your prices, how many certifications you should get, and how to extract your clients’ inner wisdom so they can walk towards the result they truly desire.

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1. It starts within. You need to have the internal conversation of showing up for yourself.
2. Do small tests to get the data. See if you like it and if other people like it. When you get the answers, you’re off to the races.
3. You don’t need certifications or extra degrees. You are going to provide value when you get someone a transformation.
4. We can solve much faster and quicker when we get to the root of what people truly desire.
5. Your client is their own best teacher. They have their absolute wisdom inside of them. It’s your job as a coach to hold space and extract their inner knowing.
6. You don’t have to pitch what you’re selling. Approach it with passion, show up, and share something you’re excited about
7. Get comfortable with rejection. Find those 10 No’s before you seek the Yes.
8. It’s not about the expectations or the results. Lean into the fact that it’s about loving the journey.

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