How to Create a Successful Facebook Ad & Grow Your Business – Rick Mulready


How can your online ads serve your audience and scale your business? Rick Mulready, online business coach, ads expert, lifestyle entrepreneur, and podcaster found his calling by helping other digital entrepreneurs grow their revenue and avoid burnout. He teaches you how to get clear on your target customer, how to create Facebook ads that will bring them to your community, what activities are worth your time and energy, and how to be an example of what is possible.

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1. You can make a lot of money and have a big impact without working yourself to death. Be an example for what is possible.
2. You are you. You’re unique in your you-ness. No one can take that away.
3. Your ideal customer is usually a past version of yourself.
4. Stop overthinking it. You have a way to help people. Focus on getting one customer.
5. Catch your audience’s attention authentically and mind the gap. Show that you understand where they’re at right now, poke into the future, show them what’s possible, and give them a call to action.
6. Know your numbers. Figure out how much do you want to make, how many hours you can allocate – and work backwards.
7. If you don’t hit your goal, it’s not because you’re a failure. It’s about who you’re becoming in the process of hitting that goal.


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