Jill Stanton on Launching & Empowering Your Audience in Pop Up Groups + Our Podcast Turns 4 Years Old!


How can you help your audience take action and get results? Jill Stanton, cofounder of Screw the Nine to Five returns to the podcast to share her advice on how to use pop up groups to lead to a higher ticket offer, empower your community to break through their limiting beliefs, and expand your energetic capacity to show up and serve in a bigger way. We also celebrate the 4th birthday of this podcast by sharing your success stories and updates from Greg Franklin the Cheesecake Ninja, Tomi Makanjuola, Danielle Silverstein and more!

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1. Set people up to leave their old limiting beliefs behind, take action, implement and get results.
2. Messy action, make it happen.
3. You do more of a disservice if you overwhelm people with too much content. You’ll make a bigger impact when you empower them to take action.
4. If you aren’t responsible for yourself, nothing outside of you can ever change your life. Your personality becomes your personal reality.
5. Weave in intimacy wherever you can.
6. If you zoom out, you’ll realize it’s all in the process of happening faster and more beautifully than you could ever imagine.
7. Selling is serving. People can only have a transformation if they have skin in the game.
8. Failing is the most data rich stream of information you can have in your business.
9. All of us are constantly iterating. You don’t have only one chance. The only time you’re out of the game is when you count yourself out.


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