How to Start A Podcast & Monetize It into a 7 Figure Business


How do you create a podcast that can grow your business? Making the show is only 20% of the work, but 80% is what you do with the content. Cathy shares how she started this podcast that now has 20 million downloads, how to get your audience involved and invested in your podcast, how to work smart and repurpose podcast content, how to monetize your show, and why now is the perfect time to become a podcaster.

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1. Stop waiting to be ready and start where you are.
2. Your story is valuable and it’s needed. Speaking out your story is so much more powerful than you know.
3. Intimacy is currency. If you want to fly above the noise, you need to create depth and quality content that creates a connection with people. You need a podcast.
4. If you want something, if you desire it – it’s there for you. Your job is to allow it.
5. If you build it, they won’t come. 20% is making the show, but 80% is what you do with it.
6. Make your audience a part of the show. Get them involved.
7. You’re not late to the party. The rise of podcasts is only just beginning. Now is the best time to get in the game.
8. Trust the process. It’s here on your behalf and it’s working for you all the time. It’s all happening for you.

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