How to Make a Million Dollar Business from Selling Products Online – Alison Prince


How do you make a multi-million dollar business from selling products online? Alison Prince, serial online entrepreneur, podcaster, and coach returns to the podcast to share more best practices to grow your income through your online store. She shares how to add value by creating an experience with a product, why you don’t want to be the low price leader, why cookies prove that there’s always room for you, and how to change someone else’s life by selling a solution.

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1. It’s so possible. How dare you quit.
2. You can’t learn it all. Even if you do you won’t know where to start. Just take a half step at a time and learn the process.
3. It’s a blessing to start with a following of zero. Accept that you don’t know what you’re doing and start with what you have.
4. Selling serves. When you sell a solution to someone’s problem, that’s when you change their world and yours. It’s your obligation to get out there and serve someone’s life with your product.
5. Just like there’s room for more chocolate chip cookies, there’s room for you. There’s someone who’s looking for your taste and style.
6. You don’t need to be the low price leader.
7. Combine the physical with the digital. The margins are ginormous.


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