The 4 Seasons of Business – How to Gain Visibility, Build Engagement, Generate Leads & Make a Sale


How can the 4 seasons of business scale your impact? Cathy teaches you how you can become more visible to the people you want to serve, engage with them authentically, get them interested in what you have to offer, and grow your base of paying superfans.

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1. Let’s make a new American dream. We can do it on our terms.
2. If you want to sell, if you want to receive, then you have to make the deposits.
3. Failure is feedback. Rejection is redirection.
4. If you want to be in business, you don’t want an audience. You want customers, clients, and superfans.
5. The differentiator is you. No one is you. That’s your superpower.
6. Forget the big game. Focus on your first client.
7. Success is a state of being. It’s about having 20 seconds of pure courage, connecting with humans, doing it messy and doing what matters.
8. There are people who want you to do what lights you up and they will pay you for it.
9. All the reasons you’re broken only makes you more qualified. You can only help someone out of a well when you’ve been down there.

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