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Emma Isaacs Teaches You How to Get Your First Paying Customer & Build a Membership of 500,000 Women

Don’t Keep Your Day Job · How Emma Isaacs built a membership of over 500,000 women by winging it How do you grow one customer to a community of half a million people? Emma Isaacs, founder and global CEO of Business Chicks and bestselling author always had an entrepreneurial spirit but never imagined she would […]

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Jen Hatmaker on Taking Ownership of the Life You Deserve & Becoming Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire

Don’t Keep Your Day Job · Jen Hatmaker on Taking Ownership of the Life You Deserve & Becoming Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire How can you be willing to get uncomfortable and speak up for your truth? Jen Hatmaker, bestselling author, speaker, and podcaster wrote 9 books before fully stepping into her role as […]

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How to Take Control of the Life You Want – Heather Chauvin

Don’t Keep Your Day Job · How to Take Control of the Life You Want – Heather Chauvin How do you get clear and take control of the life you desire? Heather Chauvin, speaker, coach, cancer survivor and host of the Mom Is In Control Podcast has dedicated her work to helping moms beat their […]

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Alli Webb’s Incredible Journey of Turning Her Mobile Hair Blowout Side Hustle into the Drybar Empire

Don’t Keep Your Day Job · Alli Webb How can your excitement and passion for making other people feel good become a multimillion dollar brand? Alli Webb, cofounder of Drybar and Squeeze is one of the nation’s most celebrated entrepreneurs, and everything she’s built has been done without a college degree. She shares how to […]

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4 Incredible Stories of How People I’ve Coached Turned Their Passion into Profit

How do you figure out what you’re made to do? Today we’re celebrating 4 amazing journeys from our awesome Made to Do This graduates! You’ll hear from Sadie Simper, Katie Morland, Adrienne Mitford, and Jillian Soprano about how they entered Cathy’s program seeking clarity and direction, then gathered the courage to take messy action and ask […]

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Patrice Washington Tells Us How to Earn More Money & Have More Wellbeing

When you stop chasing money, how can that lead to more wealth, prosperity and purpose? Patrice Washington, transformational speaker, coach, bestselling author, and podcaster had bounced back after the recession and thought she was doing great as “America’s Money Maven.” But she realized her bigger purpose was to help people redefine wealth and serve through […]

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How to Create a Thriving Online Business & an Incredible Brand that Sustains Through Economic Hard Times – Christy Dawn & Aras Baskauskas

What essential pieces does it take to launch an online clothing brand without a brick and mortar? Christy Dawn and Aras Baskauskas, founders of Christy Dawn wanted to create and celebrate a style that was in alignment with their values of sustainability and ethical practices in the fashion world. They share how to get resourceful and […]

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Amy Purdy’s Story of Overcoming the Hardest Challenges, Winning Paralympic Medals & Breaking Records on Dancing with the Stars

How do you find your resilience when the challenges in front of you seem impossible to overcome? Amy Purdy, 3x paralympic medalist, motivational speaker, and bestselling author lost both her legs, her kidneys, and was given a 2% chance to live at just 19 years old. After fighting death, she made it her mission to […]

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What Makes a Good Life – Jonathan Fields

  What does it mean to lead a “good life”? Jonathan Fields – author, entrepreneur, and host of the Good Life Project Podcast has a simple system for maximizing your happiness and engagement with the world. He explains how to identify your strengths through self-discovery, what essential element you need for a strong relationship, and […]

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How Everything Can Be Possible – Shelli Varela

  How can you transform adversity into a gift? Author, TED speaker, podcaster, and firefighter Shelli Varela didn’t let her 5’2″ frame or the naysayers extinguish her dreams of becoming a female firefighter in a male-dominated career. But how did she break down the physical and mental barriers? She explains the steps to understanding fear, […]

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How to Train A Happy Mind – Lori Harder

  We all have insecurities about our value, but Lori Harder – author, fitness expert, and host of the Earn Your Happy podcast is on a mission to help people feed their voice of worth. So how can you stop the self-sabotage? How do you lose the heavy weight of excuses? Pick up Lori’s best […]

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How to Set & Achieve Your New Year Resolutions

  Happy 2018! So you’ve got the “New Year, New You” dream in mind, but how can you actually stick to your resolutions? How can you create actionable, achievable goals that will lead you towards your purpose? Cathy shares her best tips on making this year a success, including what questions will help define your […]

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