How to Create a Thriving Online Business & an Incredible Brand that Sustains Through Economic Hard Times – Christy Dawn & Aras Baskauskas


What essential pieces does it take to launch an online clothing brand without a brick and mortar? Christy Dawn and Aras Baskauskas, founders of Christy Dawn wanted to create and celebrate a style that was in alignment with their values of sustainability and ethical practices in the fashion world. They share how to get resourceful and create a story around your product, adapt to change and make your brand and your voice essential to the world, become in harmony with the rest of the world, and let go of your old belief system and wake up to your worth.

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1. Change is never easy. But when you feel a lot of pressure, it’s probably a good sign that a flower is about to open.
2. Call the people who are doing what you want to do. Ask them “What would you do differently if you started now?”
3. Check in with yourself. What do you really want? What do you really need? Rather than letting the economic growth model dictate what you do, what does your heart say?
4. Be a brand, be a voice where people can say, “I feel comfort there. You don’t always need to sell just to bring value.”
5. Get quiet and get creative, that’s where ideas will come. Choose to sit in the stillness and let the inspiration come.
6. If a business dies, there’s a real possibility that it wasn’t providing essential value in the first place. A new creative idea is ready to express itself. Innovate and move on.
7. We all have the opportunity and responsibility to walk in more harmony with the rest of the planet.
8. Tell your fear that everything is perfect.
9. Let go of your old belief system. You are worthy.


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