Jen Hatmaker on Taking Ownership of the Life You Deserve & Becoming Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire


How can you be willing to get uncomfortable and speak up for your truth? Jen Hatmaker, bestselling author, speaker, and podcaster wrote 9 books before fully stepping into her role as a writer, and it took more exploration until she realized she was done trying to always please everyone in the room. She shares how to disrupt the status quo without sacrificing compassion and kindness, choose integrity and freedom even if it comes at a cost, and give yourself permission to claim the life you deserve. 

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1. It’s our responsibility to say, “I’m taking ownership of me right now.”
2. This is your work. This is the one life you’re given. It’s your job to show up for it. No one can or will do it for you.
3. When we pay someone else’s bill, we are robbing them of their own health. Reap what you are sowing, not what everyone else is sowing. You don’t have to sacrifice love, connection, or kindness. It’s just shifting the responsibility to where it belongs.
4. There’s no path to it except all the way through it.
5. You will create turbulence in life – but you can handle it. You’re strong enough and you’re worth it. Your real life is awaiting you. Pick which way you want to pay.
6. Doing the right thing and saying what is true and real is its own reward. It doesn’t matter what comes after this because this will sustain you alone. We are worthy of having our own integrity.
7. This is an inside job. Give yourself permission. Say in the quiet of your own good heart, “I deserve my whole true life.”


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