Patrice Washington Tells Us How to Earn More Money & Have More Wellbeing


When you stop chasing money, how can that lead to more wealth, prosperity and purpose? Patrice Washington, transformational speaker, coach, bestselling author, and podcaster had bounced back after the recession and thought she was doing great as “America’s Money Maven.” But she realized her bigger purpose was to help people redefine wealth and serve through their purpose. She shares how to give yourself permission to embrace the gift you already have, how to work on your inner trauma so your business and wellbeing can grow, why an audience of one has tremendous power, and how to surrender when all seems lost – because that’s when the new version of you can emerge.

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1. It’s not about chasing money. It’s about seeking wisdom.
2. Wealth is not material possessions and money alone. Wealth is a condition of wellbeing.
3. Your business will only grow to the extent that you are willing to heal your trauma.
4. Give yourself permission to embrace your gifts. You don’t have to go searching for “it” forever and ever.
5. An audience of one is still an audience.
6. Surrender to this moment and see what possibilities are next.  Look at this time as a gift and opportunity to stretch, get out of your comfort zone, and discover a new version of yourself.
7. We have the ability to speak life – and it can change anything.
8. You have a responsibility to serve. There are people who aren’t sleeping at night because you are their solution. They need you now more than ever.


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