Emma Isaacs Teaches You How to Get Your First Paying Customer & Build a Membership of 500,000 Women


How do you grow one customer to a community of half a million people? Emma Isaacs, founder and global CEO of Business Chicks and bestselling author always had an entrepreneurial spirit but never imagined she would end up leading a huge membership with women all across the globe. She shares her advice on how to get your first paying customer, how she manages to run a thriving business and take care of 6 kids (all under 11 years old!), how to find clarity and courage, and how to reframe your mindset from scarcity to possibility.


1. It begins with one person, one customer. Invest in that relationship and always think about what they want next.
2. Know what you are, know what you stand for, and know that you’re not here to be liked by everyone. Keep going until you find your people.
3. It’s about practicing over and over, seeing what doesn’t work, and getting quicker to get back up again and again. The beauty is in the attempt, not the outcome.
4. Get one paying customer as quickly as possible. It doesn’t have to be perfect.
5. You find the answers and the courage in the doing.
6. Build community by seeing people, saying thanks, and being generous.
7. Reframe your mindset. Instead of thinking “There’s not enough” or “I can’t do it”, ask yourself, “How can I make that happen? How can I make it possible?”
8. Check back with your Why. Return to the basic values and remember that deep down you want to make a difference.


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