How to Take Control of the Life You Want – Heather Chauvin


How do you get clear and take control of the life you desire? Heather Chauvin, speaker, coach, cancer survivor and host of the Mom Is In Control Podcast has dedicated her work to helping moms beat their overwhelm and find permission to take care of themselves first. She shares how to find freedom in surrendering, identify the thing that lights your soul on fire, grow your community by sharing your truth, and change your life by committing to the investments in yourself.

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1. Things are happening for you, not to you.
2. Trust that this is the breakdown before the breakthrough. Stop trying to control the process. Stop trying to control the outcome.
3. You can hold space for someone, dig deeper, and ask questions – but it’s not your job to do the work for someone else.
4. Listen to the calling instead of attending to the fear. When you envision what you want to do and you think “That terrifies me” – go do that. That’s what lights your soul on fire.
5. Ask yourself what you don’t want, and then flip it. What small actions do you need to take on a daily basis to shift momentum to that?
6. Sharing your truth can make an impact on a complete stranger. Why would you ever stop doing it? We all need connection. We all have a story within us that needs to be told.
7. Act on the investments that you make. You can get what you want if you’re committed to life you desire.


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