How Everything Can Be Possible – Shelli Varela



How can you transform adversity into a gift? Author, TED speaker, podcaster, and firefighter Shelli Varela didn’t let her 5’2″ frame or the naysayers extinguish her dreams of becoming a female firefighter in a male-dominated career. But how did she break down the physical and mental barriers? She explains the steps to understanding fear, changing your story, and discovering your life’s purpose through passion, curiosity, and feeling.

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  1. Everything, everything, everything is possible.

  2. Figure out the order of operations: what do you have to do, and what do you have to do first?

  3. In many instances, adversity is a gift if you allow it.

  4. You can’t catch a dream unless you chase it first.

  5. You have the power to change your story.

  6. Instead of asking, “what is my passion?” – ask yourself “what am I curious about without judgment?” and “how do I want to feel?”

  7. Don’t pay attention to where you are. Only look at the end goal.

  8. If there’s something that drives you, seek people like you. It makes the journey easier and a lot less lonely.

  9. Stop asking others for validation. The answers are inside you.

  10. The moment you say yes, the universe conspires to help you.




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