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What does it mean to lead a “good life”? Jonathan Fields – author, entrepreneur, and host of the Good Life Project Podcast has a simple system for maximizing your happiness and engagement with the world. He explains how to identify your strengths through self-discovery, what essential element you need for a strong relationship, and how to fill your Good Life buckets of vitality, connection, and contribution.

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  1. Debrief and deconstruct the good and bad experiences. Learn from them.

  2. Before you jump all in, get as much clarity and reality as you can. And then respond.

  3. Don’t rush into experimentation mode. Do some self-discovery. Dig inside and figure out, “Who am I? What matters to me?”

  4. Invest your energy in the world in a way that aligns with your strengths. You’re more likely to be happier, regardless of the industry or title.

  5. A good life is one with vitality, connection, and contribution.

  6. The states of mind and body are pretty much the same. So take care of them both.

  7. Create relationships that give you a sense of belonging to a community or a bigger ecosystem.

  8. Absorb yourself in activities that are driven by meaning and purpose, and let you feel expressed in capability and identity.

  9. Look at your good life buckets every morning and ask, “Which one seems low? And what can I do today to give it some love?”

  10. Awareness is the master key for strong relationships.

  11. Don’t wait to feel better. Feel differently through the small things you do every day.




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