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Jenna Kutcher on How to Live Your Truth & Turn Insecurities into Strengths

How can you stop getting sucked into the hustle culture and get clear on what you truly want out of this life? Jenna Kutcher, entrepreneur, author, top podcaster, photographer, educator, and digital marketing expert is back to share the biggest lessons from her new book, How Are You, Really? She teaches you how to embrace […]

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Garance Doré on How to Build Abundance Through an Authentic Personal Brand

How can you grow a community by being yourself? Garance Doré, founder of Doré, illustrator, bestselling author, storyteller, and photographer has always let her intuition guide her to where she can show up with an open heart. She shares how she had the courage to pivot away from a successful business that was no longer […]

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How Gray Malin Creates Joy, Fun & Epic Getaways Through His Photography

How can art be a shining light in difficult times? Gray Malin, internationally renowned photographer and NYT bestselling author took the scary step of leaving his fancy corporate job to sell his prints at a flea market. Then as he began to bridge the art world with the digital space, his career soared. He shares […]

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2 Coaching Calls About the Secret to a Successful Online Course & How to Free Yourself From Overwhelm

Don’t Keep Your Day Job · The Secret to a Successful Online Course & How to Free Yourself From Overwhelm What is the key to an online course that gets results, and how can you let it be easy? Cathy helps two students Anna, a financial coach and Lynne, a photographer who are both seeking […]

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Coaching a Greeting Card Entrepreneur & a Photographer on How to Pick a Direction & Sell Through Their Unique Story

Don’t Keep Your Day Job · Coaching a Card Entrepreneur & Photographer on How to Pick a Direction & Sell Through Their Story How can you use your story to sell and serve? Cathy coaches Sarah, a greeting card artist and Shané, a photographer as they both try to figure out which offer will give […]

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Chase Jarvis on His 4 Step IDEA System & Finding the Path to Your Creative Calling

Don’t Keep Your Day Job · Chase Jarvis on His 4 Step IDEA System & Finding the Path to Your Creative Calling How do you start walking the path towards your creative calling? Chase Jarvis, award winning photographer and founder of CreativeLive is on a mission to make every person embrace their creativity. He shares […]

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How Kristyn Miller Used This Podcast to Quit Her Day Job & Make a 6 Figure Income

How can making mistakes and defining who you don’t serve actually help your business thrive? Kristyn Miller, photographer, creative coach, podcaster, and a DKYDJ listener was suffering from workaholism and burnout. After waking up to the life that wasn’t fulfilling her, she decided to go all in and turn her photography side hustle into a […]

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How to Get Specific On the People You Serve – Jasmine Star

How do you build intimacy and speak straight to the hearts of the people you are meant to serve? Entrepreneur, photographer, and podcaster Jasmine Star returns to help you make the most of your 2020. She shares her best wisdom on how to reverse engineer the champagne moments you want to have this year, map […]

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How Instagram Can Grow Your Business – Jasmine Star

  With more than 700 million users on Instagram, how do you find your own tribe of followers? How can Instagram help your business? Jasmine Star, photographer, blogger, and Instagram connoisseur had no experience, no education – and not even a camera when she decided to try wedding photography. But within the first 15 months, […]

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How to Become a Photographer – Elisabeth Caren

  Entertainment, advertising, editorial, and fine art photographer Elisabeth Caren shares her 10-year journey towards discovering what fuels her existence. Now she shoots portraits for high-profile celebrities such as Serena Williams and Amy Adams – but it wasn’t always that way. Find out what she did to become a professional photographer without an MFA, how […]

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