Garance Doré on How to Build Abundance Through an Authentic Personal Brand


How can you grow a community by being yourself? Garance Doré, founder of Doré, illustrator, bestselling author, storyteller, and photographer has always let her intuition guide her to where she can show up with an open heart. She shares how she had the courage to pivot away from a successful business that was no longer fulfilling, why a small but dedicated audience can be powerful, how to build a membership, and how to step into a vibration of confidence, abundance, and integrity.

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1. Follow your intuition. Don’t fear the disruption.
2. Cherish a small, dedicated audience. Let it grow organically.
3. You’ll learn more when you just put it out there instead of trying to do it perfectly. Allow yourself to be messy. Create on the go.
4. Express yourself from the heart.
5. Think of yourself as your first reader. Write what you would want to hear about.
6. Life can be as interesting when it’s good as when it’s bad.
7. Community is defined by the connection between the people.
8. When you make things that are personal, they can’t be replicated.

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