How Gray Malin Creates Joy, Fun & Epic Getaways Through His Photography


How can art be a shining light in difficult times? Gray Malin, internationally renowned photographer and NYT bestselling author took the scary step of leaving his fancy corporate job to sell his prints at a flea market. Then as he began to bridge the art world with the digital space, his career soared. He shares how to listen to the feedback, why your art is needed in the world, and how to turn a moment of defeat into opportunity.

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1. When you have an idea, you really have to go for it. Don’t wait and expect that it’ll come to you.
2. You can have the idea but you have to listen to the feedback.
3. Make every day a getaway. Just go for it and have fun.
4. In a moment of defeat, look up and make it a turning point. You never know what you’ll find when you keep your eyes open. Be available to see the clues.
5. You don’t always have to know what you’re doing. Listen to yourself and keep going.
6. You never know who you can inspire when you follow your passion, bring smiles to other people, and add a wonderful element of joy to someone’s day to day. You can become the shining light during difficult times.
7. You learn as you go. It’s part of the ride.
8. Don’t shy away from something just because other people are already doing it. There are people waiting for you to come and make your mark.

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