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How do you build intimacy and speak straight to the hearts of the people you are meant to serve? Entrepreneur, photographer, and podcaster Jasmine Star returns to help you make the most of your 2020. She shares her best wisdom on how to reverse engineer the champagne moments you want to have this year, map your actions to your ambitions, grow your audience by being more specific, and create your own success by becoming a standout.

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  1. Be willing to stand alone, be willing to do it differently, get yourself to dream, and be unattached to the outcome.
  2. Commit to your champagne moments. Prioritize which ones you want most.
  3. Write a letter from the version of you at the end of 2020. What will you celebrate this year?
  4. Map your actions to your aspirations.
  5. Dance with your current customers. Speak to them in a way that makes them think you’re in their head.
  6. When you know your purpose, your “why” for what you are doing – then no one’s thoughts or opinions will shake you from that.
  7. Success goes to those who remain undaunted, who don’t have the answers, who are told no, and continue to rise – because they believe in something.


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