How Kristyn Miller Used This Podcast to Quit Her Day Job & Make a 6 Figure Income


How can making mistakes and defining who you don’t serve actually help your business thrive? Kristyn Miller, photographer, creative coach, podcaster, and a DKYDJ listener was suffering from workaholism and burnout. After waking up to the life that wasn’t fulfilling her, she decided to go all in and turn her photography side hustle into a full time business. She shares how she built her clientele, earned 6 figures by focusing on serving her niche, and how you can embrace the mistakes and flops that become your greatest lessons.

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1. Make all the mistakes. That’s how we learn the best.
2. When you decide, the universe meets you.
3. Serve your niche with the gift you bring into the world, that no one else will bring in the same way. You don’t need to serve 1000 people. Just serve 100 people really well.
4. Explore the gift you have that you can bring into the world.
5. There will never be another time like right now to get still, get thoughtful, and take action.
6. The biggest asset we have is our ability to manage what we’re thinking about when we face the challenge. What will you choose to think in this moment?
7. Create a spreadsheet and number it 1 to 25. Keep track of your flops and the lessons you learned. When you hit 25…that’s when it’s time to celebrate.


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