How Instagram Can Grow Your Business – Jasmine Star



With more than 700 million users on Instagram, how do you find your own tribe of followers? How can Instagram help your business? Jasmine Star, photographer, blogger, and Instagram connoisseur had no experience, no education – and not even a camera when she decided to try wedding photography. But within the first 15 months, she had a six-figure business and a massive online community. She shares how to curate shareable content, why the feed algorithm loves live video, and why we should always have a goal to impact other lives – even if it’s just one.

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1. You are enough. Don’t avoid pursuing something just because you don’t know it.
2. It’s better to serve 2 people instead of trying to reach 200 people. When you genuinely care about people you’re serving, your business will grow like wildfire.
3. Identify the 9 to 12 categories that pertain to your service. Give people a better understanding of what you do and who you are.
4. You have to be the smartest, or most educated – you just have to care.
5. Give yourself grace. Do the things that you think you’ll do in retirement NOW.
6. Jump and the net will appear.
7. Highlight your business without talking about your business. Don’t just say that your product is great. Tell your audience how it will help, empower, and educate them. 
8. Growth is the strongest indicator that you’re on the right path.
9. Make the decisions, learn from mistakes and learn from successes. Keep running because no matter what, it’ll be okay.




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