Jenna Kutcher on How to Live Your Truth & Turn Insecurities into Strengths


How can you stop getting sucked into the hustle culture and get clear on what you truly want out of this life? Jenna Kutcher, entrepreneur, author, top podcaster, photographer, educator, and digital marketing expert is back to share the biggest lessons from her new book, How Are You, Really? She teaches you how to embrace your biggest insecurities, why slow growth is the key to a stronger foundation and avoiding burnout, how to stay aligned to your intuition, and how to come home to yourself.

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  1. You can change and pivot, but still stay aligned with who you are and what you feel called into.
  2. We need to be ambitiously seeking out community that makes you feel known.
  3. Your insecurities can become the thing that breaks the glass ceiling and connects you even greater than your gifts.
  4. The slower you’re growing, the deeper your roots are going. Hold the vision but take micro steps towards it. You strengthen the roots in those tiny actions.
  5. Turn the dial up on the voices that have always been within yourself. Listen to your knowing and trust it. There are so many pings from your soul and universe that we’re missing. It’s time to come home to that.
  6. Money can buy opportunities, choice, and freedom. And having the freedom of choice is the best blessing you can give yourself.
  7. Focus on serving and showing up for the people who are already there for you. They’re a gift.


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