2 Coaching Calls About the Secret to a Successful Online Course & How to Free Yourself From Overwhelm


What is the key to an online course that gets results, and how can you let it be easy? Cathy helps two students Anna, a financial coach and Lynne, a photographer who are both seeking to take their business to the next level, but they don’t know what that next offer should look like. You’ll learn how to create a course that sets up your students for success, how to stop putting pressure on yourself to figure it out, and how to narrow your focus so you can have a bigger impact.

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1. There’s no right or wrong way. Take out the overwhelm and just choose which one feels easier. Trust it.
2. It’s always better to choose one. The people who make the biggest impact aren’t trying to bite off the entire thing. They deeply share one thing that can be fully metabolized.
3. Make it easier for yourself and for your customer to succeed. Peel it back. Give them one outcome to focus on.
4. Let yourself enjoy your life. You’re swimming in a miracle. You have everything right now.
5. There is no ceiling. It’s just flow.
6. Fully trust and surrender that what brings us joy is inside of us. That’s the compass.
7. Make a decision to know the truth of who you are and show up in that way today.

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