Coaching a Greeting Card Entrepreneur & a Photographer on How to Pick a Direction & Sell Through Their Unique Story


How can you use your story to sell and serve? Cathy coaches Sarah, a greeting card artist and Shané, a photographer as they both try to figure out which offer will give their business the boost it needs. You’ll learn how to build an online course from the starting point, why it’s okay to share all the information you know, and how to create a membership that makes everyone feel significant.

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1. One of the greatest gifts you can give someone is the feeling of significance.
2. We tell stories and we buy stories. Then we tell someone else the same story. That’s all marketing is – and it works.
3. This is go time. It’s sink or swim. If your back is up against the wall, maybe it’s time to start something new. Let’s do, do, do.
4. Celebrate life now while you can. These are the good old days. Let’s capture it.
5. You get to choose the story that you tell over and over again.
6. It’s already done. You just need to show up and assume the role.
7. It’s not our smallness that scares us, it’s our bigness. It’s up to you to create the expansion.


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