Listening to this podcast makes me feel loved. I can’t help but smile and feel inspired to go create the life of my dreams."


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How to Energetically Align So You Receive More – Most Abundant Year Series

How can you attract more opportunities through your energy? Cathy guides you through a meditation and shares the magical stories of how successful people like actor Matthew McConaughey, Oprah Winfrey’s exec producer Sheri Salata, and IT Cosmetics founder Jamie Kern Lima created their own “you won’t believe this!” moments that lifted them to their full […]

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The Abundance Flow Formula to Call In Your Desires – Most Abundant Year Series

How can you step into the totally expansive and infinite Reality that exists? Cathy shares a workshop on how to reprogram the limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind, align with your higher vibration, tap into the one connected consciousness, and have the most abundant life you desire. – Join Cathy’s free challenge this week! Cathyheller.com/abundance […]

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How to Feel Good All the Time & Be a Match for Abundance – A Sneak Peek of My Retreat!

Is it really possible to feel good all the time? Cathy shares a couple juicy pieces from her retreat about why we’re designed to have a fully joyful and fun life, how to be a vibrational match for abundance, how to recognize resistance as an opportunity for expansion, and how you can turn your dream […]

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How to Reach Financial Abundance + Ryan Levesque on How a Quiz Can Build a Multimillion Dollar Business

How can quizzes grow your business and your relationship with your audience? In this episode, Cathy first shares a coaching call with Katrina, who is living her dream life around the world, but feels like she still hasn’t reached the financial abundance she desires. Then you’ll hear Cathy’s conversation with Ryan Levesque, CEO & creator […]

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It’s Your Turn to Podcast Series

What are the first steps you need to take to make a podcast? How can you find your first podcast listeners before you’ve even started your podcast? How can you make money from your podcast? In our special It’s Your Turn to Podcast series, Cathy shares how to make a buzzworthy podcast, how to attract […]

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How to Build Your Audience with Generosity

How can you grow a business by giving something away for free? Cathy shares how to create an opt in that will make people excited to sign up for your email list, unlock the light within you, and step into the flow of abundance by being generous. – Join the Quitter’s Club! https://cathyheller.com/quitter – Thanks […]

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Helping an Overwhelmed Actress Reclaim Her Creativity & Monetize Her Passion

How can you build a business from a love for creating content? Cathy helps an actress, Emma, who feels depleted from trying to coach others and wants to explore the creative side that she abandoned. Cathy shares advice on how Emma can monetize her dream of making a web series, foster a community that shares […]

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How I Helped 2 Students Identify Their Resistance & Move Through Fear of Judgment

How do you free yourself from the hidden negative beliefs that are keeping you stuck? Cathy coaches 2 students, Sarah and Amanda who aren’t sure how to expand on their offer, but also have some internal resistance to deal with first. You’ll learn how to have the courage to say what you actually want, let […]

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How to Start A Podcast & Monetize It into a 7 Figure Business

How do you create a podcast that can grow your business? Making the show is only 20% of the work, but 80% is what you do with the content. Cathy shares how she started this podcast that now has 20 million downloads, how to get your audience involved and invested in your podcast, how to […]

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Pat Flynn Teaches You How to Grow Your Superfans, Choose Your Path & Create Content that Clicks

Don’t Keep Your Day Job · Pat Flynn Teaches You How to Grow Your Superfans, Choose Your Path & Create Content that Clicks How do you find and serve the humans who can become your superfans? Pat Flynn, serial online entrepreneur, podcaster and author never got a business degree, but has built several 7 figure […]

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The 4 Seasons of Business – How to Gain Visibility, Build Engagement, Generate Leads & Make a Sale

Don’t Keep Your Day Job · The 4 Seasons of Business – How to Gain Visibility, Build Engagement, Generate Leads & Make a Sale How can the 4 seasons of business scale your impact? Cathy teaches you how you can become more visible to the people you want to serve, engage with them authentically, get […]

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How to Monetize a Super Niche Audience & Why Your Customers Aren’t Buying

Don’t Keep Your Day Job · how to get clear on what you do How can you get clear around the offer for your audience? Cathy coaches Gloria and Mary, who are both stuck between two different projects, and they haven’t fully committed to either one. You’ll learn how a specific niche community can become […]

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