How I Helped 2 Students Identify Their Resistance & Move Through Fear of Judgment


How do you free yourself from the hidden negative beliefs that are keeping you stuck? Cathy coaches 2 students, Sarah and Amanda who aren’t sure how to expand on their offer, but also have some internal resistance to deal with first. You’ll learn how to have the courage to say what you actually want, let go of the need to please everyone, create a marketing event to get your audience excited about the thing you’re selling, and change your energy so you can show up as your truest, unapologetic self.

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1. No one can have an effect on how we feel unless we sign off on it.
2. Put your stake in the ground. Let it be, even if people don’t like it. We’re not trying to win the popular vote. It’s so freeing when you let them walk out the door.
3. People want connection and an experience. They want the space in your heart for them to be heard.
4. Confused buyers don’t buy. Having too many offers keeps us from soaring.
5. You don’t have to be this thing forever. The words “rebrand” and “pivot” exist for a reason. There’s nothing that holds you onto one decision forever.
6. Claim your energy and show up in your full resonance. Stand fully in that place, and cast the frequency that it’s okay for you to say what you actually want to say.
7. We are not here to opt out of our assignment.
8. The thing we’re trying to give is the thing we need.

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