Helping an Overwhelmed Actress Reclaim Her Creativity & Monetize Her Passion


How can you build a business from a love for creating content? Cathy helps an actress, Emma, who feels depleted from trying to coach others and wants to explore the creative side that she abandoned. Cathy shares advice on how Emma can monetize her dream of making a web series, foster a community that shares her passion, and meet her edge to reach a new breakthrough.

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1. There’s always a buyer in every demographic. People buy in when they’re clear about the promise and when you’re all in on that promise.
2. Lean into the gift you’ve been given.
3. We can sell anything through story. Find the hero, the person that needs this, and tell them the story.
4. There’s always a beautiful breakthrough when you’re meeting an edge. We should be looking for the edges everyday.
5. Doing something you love is so generous. It’s not selfish. The people who are meant to be served by you get to be served more when you stand in your truth and show up for your actual assignment.
6. The person you’re serving is a version of you.
7. There’s so much here for you. It’s just on the other side of the thought of “I can’t do what I want because it’s selfish”. When that thought is out of the way, you’re unleashed.
8. Let it be fun and easy. Life gets to be free.


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