How to Build Your Audience with Generosity


How can you grow a business by giving something away for free? Cathy shares how to create an opt in that will make people excited to sign up for your email list, unlock the light within you, and step into the flow of abundance by being generous.

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1. Being generous and showing up is how we manifest abundance in our lives in every way. So always be generous. Dig the well before you’re thirsty.
2. When you give away that which you want most, you’ll see it magnified in your own life.
3. People don’t need the perfect answer from you. They don’t need your guidance to fix everything. They just need space and your open heart.
4. Intimacy is currency. Choose intimacy and trust over fancy, professional perfectness.
5. Take one baby step at a time, one half step at a time. Trust in the little steps you have to take.
6. You have to be willing to be uncomfortable and commit. Buckle up. You can handle it. And it’s so worth it.
7. We are here to give light to the world and receive it. We’re part of the open hearted flow of love, which is the best vibration this universe has to offer.

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