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Amy Purdy’s Story of Overcoming the Hardest Challenges, Winning Paralympic Medals & Breaking Records on Dancing with the Stars

How do you find your resilience when the challenges in front of you seem impossible to overcome? Amy Purdy, 3x paralympic medalist, motivational speaker, and bestselling author lost both her legs, her kidneys, and was given a 2% chance to live at just 19 years old. After fighting death, she made it her mission to […]

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The Path & the Process to Finding Our Calling When the Whole World is Pivoting

How can you keep stepping into the flow when it feels like the whole world is upside down? Cathy shares the important lessons from one of the chapters from her book and a mindfulness exercise to help you through these uncertain times. She covers how our mind and immune system react when we feel anxiety […]

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How a School Teacher Grew a 7 Figure Online Product Based Business – Alison Prince

How do you leverage what you don’t have and create a multi million dollar business? Alison Prince, entrepreneur, mentor, podcaster, and online business expert began her entrepreneurial journey by being resourceful and turning her leftover trash into a buyable treasure. She shares how to create a habit with your customers, why it’s your responsibility to […]

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My Thoughts on the Coronavirus

How can you make every day a gift? Cathy shares her thoughts on the impact of the coronavirus and her new paradigm shift in this seemingly dark time. She helps you make every day epic, take this opportunity to give massive value and fulfill the essential human needs, and find equanimity so you can free […]

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How to Move Past Fear & Step into Your Purpose

How can you stay ahead of your natural reaction to fear? Our brains are always on the lookout for threats, and now it seems more prevalent than ever. Cathy shares a call about how to redirect your mind from the survival instinct of worrying, welcome in your full scope of emotions, and charge your personal […]

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Comedian Brian Kiley on Finding Your Voice, Writing For Conan & Leaving Your Day Job the Smart Way

How do you find your voice as a stand up comedian and a writer for one of the most popular late night talk show hosts? Brian Kiley, Emmy Award winning writer, comedian, and author always had a passion for making people laugh, but he didn’t know the roadmap to making that a career. He shares […]

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The Story of How Ian Lopatin Became A Spiritual Gangster and Then Built that Very Brand Which Became A Movement

How did a yoga clothing line become a movement that makes a difference? Ian Lopatin, cofounder of Spiritual Gangster, built a brand that makes his customers feel good about what they wear and what they stand for. He shares how to find different ways to be of service, intentionally create a product that motivates your […]

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Sunny Lenarduzzi’s Formula to Rank #1 on YouTube

How can putting out your you-ness on YouTube scale your business? Sunny Lenarduzzi, an expert video, marketing, social media and brand strategist skyrocketed her career when she figured out how the keys to gain more visibility on YouTube.  She shares how her Sunny System has generated over $6 million of YouTube income, how to embrace your […]

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How Jaclyn Johnson Grew Her Create & Cultivate Events from 25 Friends to 1000s of Empowered Entrepreneurs

How can you execute your vision and create the best experience for your customer? Jaclyn Johnson, founder and CEO of Create & Cultivate, podcaster and bestselling author of WorkParty almost went back to a day job after her first company nearly burned her out. But she decided to bet on herself, and now she’s built […]

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