How a School Teacher Grew a 7 Figure Online Product Based Business – Alison Prince


How do you leverage what you don’t have and create a multi million dollar business? Alison Prince, entrepreneur, mentor, podcaster, and online business expert began her entrepreneurial journey by being resourceful and turning her leftover trash into a buyable treasure. She shares how to create a habit with your customers, why it’s your responsibility to make money and keep the economy alive, how to use your llama to get people’s attention, and how to build connections with micro influencers and create a win-win-win situation.

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1. Commit and be consistent. Create a habit so your customers know when you’ll show up.
2. Don’t sell the product. Sell what you can do with the product, sell the vision instead of the stuff.
3. Have a llama that gets your customers to pull off of the freeway of social media.
4. It is your moral obligation to make money so you can spend it and serve other people. You’re the blood of the economy and you need to keep it alive.
5. Leverage what you don’t have. Be resourceful. Figure out what you’re missing, who out there has it, and how to create a win-win situation.
6. It’s not about numbers. It’s about the connection you have with your audience.
7. We can do the things we want. We can live our dreams, even the chaos of life – because we can.


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