Sunny Lenarduzzi’s Formula to Rank #1 on YouTube


How can putting out your you-ness on YouTube scale your business? Sunny Lenarduzzi, an expert video, marketing, social media and brand strategist skyrocketed her career when she figured out how the keys to gain more visibility on YouTube.  She shares how her Sunny System has generated over $6 million of YouTube income, how to embrace your insecurities, what types of video content attracts the most viewers and dollars, and why selling your offer is doing a favor to your community.

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1. Treat everything as an experiment.
2. Be a big fish in a small pond. Dominate the kiddie pool.
3. Generosity equals abundance. The more you give, the more you get.
4. You don’t have to look a certain way, talk a certain way, or be certain way in order to be successful.
5. Everyone has their own insecurities. But are you really gonna let that stop you from creating what you want?
6. Everything you need to build a successful business is within you. Your story, your zero to hero journey, the problems you solve for yourself – those are what make you win today.
7. Your customers are your greatest growth asset.
8. We each have a story to tell. And there’s someone who needs to hear it.


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