Comedian Brian Kiley on Finding Your Voice, Writing For Conan & Leaving Your Day Job the Smart Way


How do you find your voice as a stand up comedian and a writer for one of the most popular late night talk show hosts? Brian Kiley, Emmy Award winning writer, comedian, and author always had a passion for making people laugh, but he didn’t know the roadmap to making that a career. He shares what it takes to write for Conan for over 25 years, how to leave your day job the smart way, how to make a decision when you’re terrified of being wrong, and how to explore the sides of yourself that you didn’t even know were within you.

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1. There’s not one way to do this. There are many different journeys.
2. Put in your 10,000 hours.
3. Amateurs look for inspiration. Professionals just write.
4. Make a decision. Pick a path. Even if it’s the wrong way, you can come back and take the other path.
5. There aren’t any geniuses.
6. Don’t hold onto things. There will always be another idea.
7. People aren’t defined by one thing or one mistake. We all have different sides. We are all so many things.


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