How to Move Past Fear & Step into Your Purpose


How can you stay ahead of your natural reaction to fear? Our brains are always on the lookout for threats, and now it seems more prevalent than ever. Cathy shares a call about how to redirect your mind from the survival instinct of worrying, welcome in your full scope of emotions, and charge your personal batteries so that you’re prepared to take on any challenge ahead.

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1. Every single one of us is capable of showing up and offering empathy to someone else.
2. We get better at what we practice.
3. You know how to charge your phone’s batteries. Do the same for yourself.
4. Feelings are like visitors. They knock louder until you let them in…and eventually they leave.
5. In order for things to get tidy, they have to get messy first. Bring the darkness into the light.
6. Productivity is about your energy. And energy is a state of mind.
7. Be ahead. Curate your life to feed yourself with things you absolutely need. Fill your days with the things that fill you up.
8. Life happens between pieces of clarity. Then the clarity takes over.

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