The Path & the Process to Finding Our Calling When the Whole World is Pivoting


How can you keep stepping into the flow when it feels like the whole world is upside down? Cathy shares the important lessons from one of the chapters from her book and a mindfulness exercise to help you through these uncertain times. She covers how our mind and immune system react when we feel anxiety vs. calm, how to move from the darkness into possibilities, begin your pivot into the online space, and bring things into the world that are essential to you.

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1. Your presence on planet Earth is a serious matter. You are here for a reason. We need you.
2. The world needs people who do what makes them most happy.
3. We live the lives we’re willing to tolerate.
4. There is always room for you to shine.
5. Surrender the how by staying aligned with the opportunities or ideas that most excite you. Once you step into this current of life, things start to line up for you.
6. Start with acknowledging the darkness that’s there. It’s okay to admit you’re not okay.
7. People don’t need perfection. They want your presence and your connection. They want you to be there for them. This is the time.
8. Ask yourself, “What is essential for me? When everything is stripped away, what do I need?”


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