Listening to this podcast makes me feel loved. I can’t help but smile and feel inspired to go create the life of my dreams."



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Chalene Johnson’s Formula for Selling with Generosity

How do you make your offer to your community and feel like the most generous person in the world? Chalene Johnson, health, fitness, marketing and business expert, entrepreneur, bestselling author, podcaster, and speaker has created one successful business after another by focusing on the problem she can solve for her audience. She shares how your […]

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Ryan Holiday on Obstacles, Ego & Finding Stillness in the Process

How can you add more stillness in your every day, and what possibilities can that unfold? Ryan Holiday, bestselling author, blogger, podcaster, and media strategist has been able to create masterpiece after masterpiece by focusing on the process instead of the results. He shares how to turn your obstacles into your advantage, how to detach […]

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A Deep Dive into the Branding, Pricing & Marketing Strategies that Get Results

How can you most effectively communicate your message and who you are? Cathy shares an exercise on how to get clarity around the parts of you that make up your brand, how to embrace your quirks, what 3 questions will help you with clearer marketing, and why you don’t need to be afraid of putting […]

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Yeardley Smith on Lisa Simpson, Perfectionism & Letting Go of Control

How do you let go of your need for perfection and control? Yeardley Smith, Emmy Award winning actress, novelist, podcast host and producer has played the iconic role of Lisa Simpson for over 30 years. But even with all the success she still has the same negative thoughts and anxieties that we all experience. She […]

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You Have Been Assigned

How do you free yourself from the pain of your past and give yourself permission to be imperfect? Cathy shares a coaching call from our 2020 Vision Challenge that helps you find the courage to dream again, step out of the shadows of your old identity, and treat yourself with radical empathy so you can […]

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Seth Godin’s Incredible Wisdom on True Marketing, Impostor Syndrome & How to Be of Use

Instead of searching for what you’re born to do, how can you serve by being of use? Bestselling author, world renowned blogger, and podcaster Seth Godin returns to share his valuable words of advice on finding better clients as a freelancer, what marketing truly means, how to embrace your impostor syndrome, and identify how you […]

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How to Consciously Create A New Possibility & A Life You Love – Kelsey Murphy

How can you be more intentional about the life you wake up to every morning? Kelsey Murphy, business & life coach, podcaster, speaker, and B-School mentor left her comfy career in advertising by searching for evidence of new possibilities and following the dreams that made her feel over the moon. She teaches you how to […]

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The Biggest Thing That Holds Us Back

What is the biggest block that’s at the root of your limiting beliefs? In this special coaching call, Cathy shares a few key exercises to implement habits towards the person you want to be, disrupt your old narrative, rewrite the thoughts that no longer keep you protected, and step into a more empowered you. – […]

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How to Get Specific On the People You Serve – Jasmine Star

How do you build intimacy and speak straight to the hearts of the people you are meant to serve? Entrepreneur, photographer, and podcaster Jasmine Star returns to help you make the most of your 2020. She shares her best wisdom on how to reverse engineer the champagne moments you want to have this year, map […]

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