Seth Godin’s Incredible Wisdom on True Marketing, Impostor Syndrome & How to Be of Use


Instead of searching for what you’re born to do, how can you serve by being of use? Bestselling author, world renowned blogger, and podcaster Seth Godin returns to share his valuable words of advice on finding better clients as a freelancer, what marketing truly means, how to embrace your impostor syndrome, and identify how you can be of use to the smallest viable audience who can’t live without what you can give them.

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1. The question is not, “What am I born to do?” The question is, “How can I be of use?”
2. You don’t need to serve the world. What you need is the smallest viable audience, the smallest group of people who can sustain you.
3. We are all impostors. To lead is to be an impostor. And that’s okay.
4. You need to be on the hook. That means people admire what you do so much that if you don’t do it, they will miss it.
5. When you stand for something, now you’re off to the races.
6. Marketing is work that matters for people who care. It’s the match between what we build and what market will embrace
7. Chop wood and carry water.
8. If you want to make a living, create tension.
9. Start where you are. You can’t start where you’re not. Start with the smallest unit of contribution you can make. Find a piece of possibility. Show up, and repeat.


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