The Biggest Thing That Holds Us Back


What is the biggest block that’s at the root of your limiting beliefs? In this special coaching call, Cathy shares a few key exercises to implement habits towards the person you want to be, disrupt your old narrative, rewrite the thoughts that no longer keep you protected, and step into a more empowered you.

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  1. Give yourself a daily, 5 minute task to get in the habit of being a person of doing
  2. Every action is a vote for the identity you want to have.
  3. Be comfortable doing the uncomfortable.
  4. We have to make the mess first before we can start cleaning it up.
  5. We can only heal what we feel.
  6. Let your inner child know that you’re not kicking them out. You’re just asking them to take a back seat. The new empowered you is now driving the ship.
  7. Look for evidence that this new narrative is true.
  8. You’ve survived people who don’t like you, people who shamed you, people who you disappointed. You’ve already lived through the hardest parts.

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