A Deep Dive into the Branding, Pricing & Marketing Strategies that Get Results


How can you most effectively communicate your message and who you are? Cathy shares an exercise on how to get clarity around the parts of you that make up your brand, how to embrace your quirks, what 3 questions will help you with clearer marketing, and why you don’t need to be afraid of putting a price on your work.

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  1. When you do marketing and sales right, then you never ever ever have to sell again.
  2. We don’t think our way to answers. We feel our way to answers.
  3. Everybody wants to be seen. But the person you want to be seen by more than anyone else is you. You want to arrive at your own door.
  4. People don’t buy your things. They buy into you.
  5. Pick 6 things that represent you. This is the foundation of your brand.
  6. Marketing means you effectively communicate what you do to the person you do it for.
  7. You’re not doing anything wrong by putting a price on what you do. It’s already built. There’s already a market paying for this.
  8. Courage comes first. The confidence follows.


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