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Jamila Souffrant on How to Launch Yourself Towards Financial Independence

When your day job is keeping you from the life you desire, how can you set yourself up for financial freedom? Jamila Souffrant, founder of the popular Journey to Launch blog and podcast returns to the show to share her best tips on how to handle your expenses and budget as you prepare to quit […]

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Helping an Overwhelmed Mom Brighten Up Her Corner of the World

How can you help people using your life experiences and your open heart? Cathy coaches a former teacher Dennise, whose life was forever changed when she gave birth to her son with a rare medical condition that requires her full attention. Find out how to cultivate connection and turn it into a paid offer, why […]

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Tara Strong Shares the Truth About Voice Acting & Making Your Vision of Success Come to Life

How do you keep putting your best foot forward when you’re constantly asked to prove yourself? Tara Strong, Emmy nominated actress (Loki, Powerpuff Girls, Fairly Oddparents, Teen Titans, Pretty Hard Cases) and podcast host always believed she would make her dream of acting come to life, and over the decades she has voiced iconic characters […]

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How to Find Your Dream Path

What are the steps to uncover your passion and get paid to do work you love? Cathy shares this inspiring workshop about how to find your gifts, dream up the life you truly desire, identify what your calling could be, and turn your vision into a business that brings you joy, abundance, and purpose. – […]

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How Gray Malin Creates Joy, Fun & Epic Getaways Through His Photography

How can art be a shining light in difficult times? Gray Malin, internationally renowned photographer and NYT bestselling author took the scary step of leaving his fancy corporate job to sell his prints at a flea market. Then as he began to bridge the art world with the digital space, his career soared. He shares […]

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Prime Yourself to Do Amazing Things

How can you get out of your own way and do what you’re made to do? Cathy shares how to expand your capacity for happiness, and teaches you how to get into a state of mind and energy that’ll charge you forward and lead you to take bold, inspired action. – Join the free workshop […]

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How to Build Your Audience with Generosity

How can you grow a business by giving something away for free? Cathy shares how to create an opt in that will make people excited to sign up for your email list, unlock the light within you, and step into the flow of abundance by being generous. – Join the Quitter’s Club! https://cathyheller.com/quitter – Thanks […]

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How to Uncover the Answers Inside of You

How can you bridge the gap from where you are and where you want to be? Cathy shares questions to ask yourself so you can discover what you desire in your future, gain clarity on which direction to take, uncover the answers already inside of you, and surrender to your inner knowing so you can […]

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Poppy Jamie on How to be Happy, Not Perfect

How can you align with your wildest, most wonderful dream self? Poppy Jamie, founder of Happy Not Perfect, author, entrepreneur, and podcaster was stuck in a cycle of workaholism, people pleasing, and chronic exhaustion until she finally decided to reevaluate her definition of happiness. She shares how to live with love instead of fear, get […]

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