Helping an Overwhelmed Mom Brighten Up Her Corner of the World


How can you help people using your life experiences and your open heart? Cathy coaches a former teacher Dennise, whose life was forever changed when she gave birth to her son with a rare medical condition that requires her full attention. Find out how to cultivate connection and turn it into a paid offer, why you don’t need to be an expert in order to lead others out of a well, and how your spirit and vulnerability can become your gift when others are feeling broken.

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1. Make it up as you go.
2. You can’t get someone out of a well unless you’ve been down there before.
3. We create a business when we solve problems
4. It’s a blessing for other people to pay you. Making yourself available is an incredible gift.
5. Listen to what other people ask you for. Start by showing up and talking to people.
6. Make your corner of the world brighter.
7. People don’t need a lot of information. They need a lot of connection.
8. You have your own gifts. And for someone else, that is huge. And that is enough.


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