Jamila Souffrant on How to Launch Yourself Towards Financial Independence


When your day job is keeping you from the life you desire, how can you set yourself up for financial freedom? Jamila Souffrant, founder of the popular Journey to Launch blog and podcast returns to the show to share her best tips on how to handle your expenses and budget as you prepare to quit your day job, make peace with the voices of impostor syndrome, how to figure out what offer aligns with you, and how to let the wrong step lead you to the next right step.

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1. We can reach freedom from wherever we are today.
2. You can find evidence that things always work out for you when you look in your past.
3. Even the disappointments happen for your benefit. If you change your perspective about the things that happened to you, you’ll be unstoppable.
4. You have to try different things. Don’t be afraid to fail to figure out exactly what you want to do. Sometimes you have to make the wrong step to know the next right step. And that next right step could lead you right to where you need to be.
5. Don’t make your situation your enemy. Give gratitude to the job you have that pays your bills and lean into the positives. Make peace with where you are.
6. Accept everything that you are, quirks and all.
7. If it’s shown to you as a goal or vision, there’s a reason for it. Don’t squander that opportunity because you don’t think you’re good enough. It’s your future self showing you something that’s coming true. All you have to do is keep moving forward.

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