Tara Strong Shares the Truth About Voice Acting & Making Your Vision of Success Come to Life


How do you keep putting your best foot forward when you’re constantly asked to prove yourself? Tara Strong, Emmy nominated actress (Loki, Powerpuff Girls, Fairly Oddparents, Teen Titans, Pretty Hard Cases) and podcast host always believed she would make her dream of acting come to life, and over the decades she has voiced iconic characters – but still, she never stops showing up. She shares what it takes to become a standout voice over actor, how to practice gratitude and resilience when you’re facing disappointment, and why everyone is a hero that deserves to be celebrated.

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1. We are all a work in progress. It takes time to grow and learn and become a centered human.
2. The most powerful force in the universe is love. If you give your love as much as possible, you’ll be rewarded back.
3. There’s always room for you. But know that it’s a journey and you have to put the work in. Keep showing up and putting yourself out there.
4. Try believing that it’s you. Even if that works 50% of the time, you have a pretty dope life.
5. Always put your best foot forward. Care about everything that you’re doing. Never phone it in.
6. When you do what you love, you don’t have to retire.
7. There are so many heroes on this planet that all should be celebrated equally. Treat everyone with respect and kindness.
8. We’re all humans. We’re all one.

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