How to Find Your Dream Path


What are the steps to uncover your passion and get paid to do work you love? Cathy shares this inspiring workshop about how to find your gifts, dream up the life you truly desire, identify what your calling could be, and turn your vision into a business that brings you joy, abundance, and purpose.

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1. You are made for more. You are the mystic. The portal to expansion is right here.
2. We crave certainty, but we live for uncertainty. We yearn for something transcendent, for something bigger, and more magical and more expansive than the predictable, everyday mundane life.
3. Clarity comes from action.
4. You have to be willing to do mediocre things.
5. The greatest resources are not time or money. They’re the resources inside of you – compassion, empathy, fire, passion, grit. And the biggest, rarest one is an open heart.
6. Fortune favors the brave.
7. To find out what your thing is you have to show up and give your gifts away. Get brave and get messy.


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