Prime Yourself to Do Amazing Things


How can you get out of your own way and do what you’re made to do? Cathy shares how to expand your capacity for happiness, and teaches you how to get into a state of mind and energy that’ll charge you forward and lead you to take bold, inspired action.

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1. You have a say in how happy you’re willing to be.
2. Let yourself smile and give yourself a moment to feel fully proud. Turn it all the way up.
3. Who we spend time with is who we become.
4. Our energy is what determines how productive we are.
5. Wire yourself in a state of gratitude and freedom.
6. Pain is inevitable, but the amount of suffering doesn’t have to be on that level.
7. You are good, just as you are. And the world needs you exactly as you are.
8. There’s nothing better than loving someone into life.


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