How to Uncover the Answers Inside of You


How can you bridge the gap from where you are and where you want to be? Cathy shares questions to ask yourself so you can discover what you desire in your future, gain clarity on which direction to take, uncover the answers already inside of you, and surrender to your inner knowing so you can start walking in the flow.

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1. We’re constantly searching for answers outside, but they’re always in you. Ask yourself the questions and trust yourself. You already know so much.
2. You are worthy and so needed. You are assigned. You are the answer to somebody’s prayer
3. Every single person has access to the same well of infinite flow.
4. No one else can make us feel anything without our consent.
5. Happiness and equanimity is always within reach.
6. You’re already complete and whole. You’re just one thought away from claiming your worthiness.
7. Start every day with a 30 second check in. Give yourself permission to leave the box and come into an expansive place. Ask yourself what’s one thing you should do this week from this place to move you closer into the flow and into your potential.
8. If you want to arrive home, then stop working so hard. Surrender and see what happens. Maybe, just maybe, the universe will carry you.


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