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Nicole Walters’ Amazing Story of Quitting Her Day Job in Front of 10,000 People & Creating Her “She’s The Boss” TV Show

February 2021


Don’t Keep Your Day Job · Nicole Walters How can you be the boss of your life, even when you feel like a hot mess? Nicole Walters, self made multimillionaire, entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster, and star of She’s the Boss is leading the path for women to walk through their fears and imperfections, and use their […]

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A Heart to Heart with Rachel Hollis About How to Be Your Most Authentic Self & Reclaim Your Joy

February 2021


Don’t Keep Your Day Job · Rachel Hollis How can you withstand difficult times and arrive back to your true self? Rachel Hollis, #1 NYT bestselling author, speaker, founder & CEO of RISE, and podcaster faced major life changing challenges in 2020 that made it one of her hardest years – but also one of […]

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New Year, New Possibilities!

January 2021


Don’t Keep Your Day Job · New Year, New Possibilities! How can you create new possibilities in the New Year? To help you start 2021 strong, Cathy shares an interesting discussion about how to use your feminine and masculine energy to create from a higher vibe that’s aligned with your heart, and the strategies to […]

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Matthew McConaughey Shares How to Live Your Best Life & Find Success By Catching Greenlights



Don’t Keep Your Day Job · How Matthew McConaughey Creates Greenlights & Stays True to His Soul How can your biggest challenges turn into the greenlights that give you permission and confidence to keep going? Matthew McConaughey, Academy Award-winning actor (Dallas Buyers Club, Magic Mike, True Detective, A Time to Kill), NYT bestselling author, philanthropist, […]

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How to Embrace Your Fears & Create a Brand That Connects a Community – Michelle Poler

November 2020


Don’t Keep Your Day Job · How to Embrace Your Fears & Create a Brand That Connects a Community – Michelle Poler How do you stop living in your comfort zone and say hello to your fears? Michelle Poler, founder of Hello Fears, author, social entrepreneur, speaker, and brand strategist took on a 100 day […]

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