Permission to Be Rich


How can you repair and elevate your relationship with wealth? Cathy shares a masterclass on how to manifest spiritual and material abundance, walk into prosperity unapologetically and authentically, open your capacity to receive, and grant yourself full unyielding permission to allow riches into your life.

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1. We enjoy our life a lot more when we live in possibility instead of probability. Possibility is where you go into the quantum, where you go into your soul, your source, your life force, where you become a vehicle to receive all the energy possible.
2. When we are in the present moment, that is where all possibility opens up.  That is the portal to everything that we can receive.
3. Our job on this planet is to be in radical reception. Our job is to be a bigger vessel to receive on behalf of the collective. Our job is to be a bigger steward of love, compassion, creativity and energy – because to be someone is to be some of the one.
4. The most humble thing we can do is to radically receive all the love, all the money, all the opportunities, all the creativity, all the abundance that exists.
5. We didn’t come to the world for piles of things. What we really want is to feel connected to the oneness of the universe, of the divine, of the whole. We can feel that wholeness and connection when we connect to our soul. That is where all of our abundance already exists.
6. We are totally safe because souls are always safe. Your soul, your consciousness is always safe
7. Allow yourself the permission to be fully wealthy to the greatest extent. Allow yourself to thrive to the max.

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