Jennie Garth on How to Choose Yourself + Her Journey Through 90210, Motherhood & Marriage


How can you treat yourself with love and respect every day? Jennie Garth, actress, podcast host, producer, author, and designer spent her teenage years and young adulthood dealing with TV fame, and feeling like she was living for other people. Now she’s finally finding her voice and learning to live on her terms. She shares how do the inner work even when you don’t feel like it, what has improved her relationships, how to embrace your emotions, how to opt out of the story that other people tell you about yourself, and how to choose you.

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  1. Embrace your past so you can move forward.
  2. Go with your instinct.
  3. Tap into that inner voice. Listen to what you really need and respect it. That’s the core of choosing yourself.
  4. There’s a BS story in your head that tells you, “I can’t do this. I’m not good enough.” That is not serving you. You don’t have to accept that. Say, “no thank you” and go try something different.
  5. Stop worrying about the outcome. Just go and be yourself.
  6. Appreciate the younger version of you. Look at what she’s been through and look how strong she is.
  7. You’re not emotional. You are emotion-full.
  8. It’s a daily choice to have that strength and to call upon it. Love yourself every day. That’s all that you can do.

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